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Lab Packing Services Liverpool
Liverpool Waste Management Quote - Call 0151 321 1930

Lab Packing Services Liverpool

As time passes, you’ll find that jars and cans have collected that are out of date, contaminated, somewhat used, leaking, or simply no longer desired. Some compounds, like picric acid (generally used in medical laboratories) become explosive as they age, and in a couple of months can burst only from the friction of opening the lid.
Other compounds, like solvents such as acetone, MEK, xylene, ether or toluene are hazardous wastes after you’ve used them.

Lab Packing Services Liverpool

Chromic acid cleaning solutions, used or unused, are a hazardous waste. Old compressed gas lecture bottles can get very dangerous in the event the valves have rusted.

Call Liverpool Waste Management now on 0151 321 1930 to get a estimate for Laboratory Packing.